Youth Education

children and families . . .
“Oifn pripetchek: By the fireside, in a cozy place, the children with the rabbi, learn the Alef-Bet”    from the Yiddish folksong
The Jewish future depends on insuring that a new generation will hold fast to the Torah’s ideals of goodness and kindness.  Children are always welcome at Da‘at Elohim.  We organize Family Shabbat Meals and Services as well as individualized Jewish education focused on the family as well as the child.

bar/bat mitzvah . . .
“May your eyes shine with the brightness of Torah”   from the Talmud, Tractate Berachot 17a
At the age of 13, boys and girls are called to the Torah and lead parts of the service.  Preparing to be a “son or daughter of the commandments” is achieved through an individualized study program.  As our children grow toward adulthood, we oblige them to understand the central commandment of the Torah handed down by Rabbi Hillel of the 1st century: “What is hateful to you, do not do unto your neighbor.”   More than learning “about” Judaism, our students are educated to “live” Judaism through a lifetime of kindness and good deeds.

b’nai mitzvah for adults . . .
We are also planning a one-year adult B’nai Mitzvah course for adults.