At Da’at Elohim: The Temple of Universal Judaism (TUJ), we take pride in being a “house for all people” (Isaiah 56).  For forty years we’ve been a Reform congregation where both Jews and non-Jews can find a welcoming Jewish home.

We are a warm, growing congregation – a true “community” – comprised of caring and supportive people.  Our membership includes multi-generational families, same sex couples and individuals, interfaith couples/families and people of all ages.  Our lay leadership is comprised of those who are Jews-by-birth as well as Jews-by-choice.

As we continue to grow, our members come from all the great population centers of world Jewry: North America, South America, France, Israel, and many more.

As a URJ: Union for Reform Judaism congregation, we embrace the two-millennia old premise of Rabbinic Judaism which saw the unfolding Jewish future as a shifting mirror of Judaism’s ancient past.   At TUJ you will find a combination of beautiful Jewish traditions and modern creative adaptations.

Throughout history, Jews have been a people of diverse origins united by the Torah’s message of compassion and justice for all.  At TUJ we honor that tradition as we embrace individuals of all races, backgrounds and orientations and strive to bestow dignity on every human soul.

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