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At Da’at Elohim: The Temple of Universal Judaism (TUJ), we take pride in being a “house for all people” (Isaiah 56). For forty years we’ve been a Reform congregation where both Jews and non-Jews can find a welcoming Jewish home. As a Union for Reform Judaism congregation, we embrace the two-millennia old premise of Rabbinic Judaism which saw the unfolding Jewish future as a shifting mirror of Judaism’s ancient past.

What makes TUJ unique among mainstream Reform congregations is respect for each individual’s and family’s choices. We embrace interfaith couples, dual religion families, agnostics and humanists, gays and lesbians, singles and people of color, the young and old. Anyone – Jew or Gentile – can join our Jewish congregation.

As we continue to grow, our members come from all the great population centers of world Jewry: North America, South America, France, Israel, and many more. At TUJ you will find a combination of beautiful and ancient Jewish traditions and modern creative adaptations.

With affordable dues, an open door policy with no one turned away, an individualized Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for children – and adults – without high fees, “x” years of Hebrew school or the number of prayers recited, we are NYC’s best-kept Jewish secret.

Mostly, we are a warm and friendly congregation where you will be embraced and find a warm welcome. Visit us for the Holy Days, Sukkot, Hanukah, Passover Seder, a Family Shabbat or any 1st & 3rd Shabbat eve @730pm.

Upcoming Services and Events

1st Shabbat
Friday, May 1st 2015 at 6:00 pm

Shabbat Service
Service led by Rabbi Ari Fridkis.
Weekly Torah portion: Aharei Mot-Kedoshim (Leviticus 16:1 – 20:27)

In preparation for TUJ’s Shavuot Dinner & Torah Study (Fri May 15) Rabbi Fridkis will speak about “Reform Judaism’s Quest for Holiness and the Exciting Possibilities of a New Reformulation of Torah.”

New TUJ 2nd Shabbat
Saturday, May 9th 2015 at 1:30 pm

Shabbat Together: TUJ’s Walking Tour of the History of Harlem

Lawyer, historian and TUJ member, Jim Kaplan, hits the ground walking, leading us on a tour of Harlem:a follow-up to his Passover talk on historical ties between black and Jewish communities. Jim’s engaging stories uncover little-known and long-forgotten episodes of NYC history, many involving interactions between the Jewish community and other groups. Attendees will come away with knowledge about both American Jewish and African-American history, as well as how the intersection of these two vibrant New York communities have left their mark on Harlem, on New York, and around the country.

Interested participants can join together for a Harlem restaurant visit following the 2-hour tour.

Location: Meet at 135th and Lenox Avenue, in front of the Schomburg Library.

3rd Shabbat & Shavuot Dinner
Friday, May 15th 2015 at 6:00 pm

Shabbat­-Shavuot Dinner and Service

Service led by Rabbi Fridkis and Cantor Anesi.

Join us for a festive Shavuot 6-course Dairy Meal prepared by TUJ and our Holiday Committee of Cindy Cohen, Geraldine Kaplan and Kelly Levy.

As part of our brief Shabbat-Shavuot tableside service, we will celebrate Shavuot as the Festival of the Giving of the Torah and read from the Ten Commandments.

Following dinner and prior to an array of sweet desserts, our Torah discussion will focus on:
     “Reform Judaism: the True Heir of Rabbinic Judaism”
versus the common misconception of Reform as a “less-than” solution for “partially-committed” modern Jews.

Dinner by donation (suggested minimum$20 per adult).
RSVP a must, please!!! TUJcongregation@gmail.com
or 212-658-0810

1st Shabbat
Friday, Jun 5th 2015 at 7:30 pm

3rd Shabbat, Congregational Meeting, & Year-End Reception
Friday, Jun 19th 2015 at 7:30 pm

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A Few Words about TUJ’s “Open Doors” & Membership
TUJ Membership:
$500 per adult
(includes all High Holy Day services for Member & children under 21)
TUJ “Open Doors” Suggested contributions:
No one is turned away. Both Members and non-Members are always welcome.30 Years or Over:
Minimum $36 – $125 per person per (each) High Holy Day Service.18 – 30 Years:
Minimum $18- $50 per person per (each) High Holy Day Service.Children: No charge.
Parents attending Family Services are invited to contribute.
Please visit our High Holy Day “FAQs” by clicking the “About Us” section for more information.