Please note TUJ’s new “212” telephone # and Virtual office:  212-658-0810
A special thank you to TUJ’s telephone “Operator”: TUJ’s own Nick Abrams.

At Da’at Elohim: The Temple of Universal Judaism (TUJ), we take pride in being a “house for all people” (Isaiah 56). For forty years we’ve been a Reform congregation where both Jews and non-Jews can find a welcoming Jewish home. As a Union for Reform Judaism congregation, we embrace the two-millennia old premise of Rabbinic Judaism which saw the unfolding Jewish future as a shifting mirror of Judaism’s ancient past.

What makes TUJ unique among mainstream Reform congregations is respect for each individual’s and family’s choices. We embrace interfaith couples, dual religion families, agnostics and humanists, gays and lesbians, singles and people of color, the young and old. Anyone – Jew or Gentile – can join our Jewish congregation.

As we continue to grow, our members come from all the great population centers of world Jewry: North America, South America, France, Israel, and many more. At TUJ you will find a combination of beautiful and ancient Jewish traditions and modern creative adaptations.

With affordable dues, an open door policy with no one turned away, an individualized Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for children – and adults – without high fees, “x” years of Hebrew school or the number of prayers recited, we are NYC’s best-kept Jewish secret.

Mostly, we are a warm and friendly congregation where you will be embraced and find a warm welcome. Visit us for the Holy Days, Sukkot, Hanukah, Passover Seder, a Family Shabbat or any 1st & 3rd Shabbat eve @730pm.

Upcoming Services and Events

1st Shabbat
Tu Bishvat Seder/Dinner

Friday, Feb 2nd 2018 at 6:30 pm

Tu Bishvat Seder and Vegetarian Shabbat Dinner
Led by Rabbi Ari Fridkis and Cantor Dana Anesi

6pm Hors d’Oeuvres

645pm Tu Bishvat Seder and Shabbat Dinner
In the 15 th century ancient Kabbalists created the custom of a Tu Bishvat ritual modeled after the Passover Seder. Today we’ve transformed the Tu Bishvat Seder with a focus on the environment: a ritualistic reminder of the blessing of creation and its potential destruction.
Suggested Donation: $25/ 26yo and over, $15/ 13-25yo, $ n/c under 13yo.

830pm Festive Oneg Shabbat Dessert

2nd Shabbat
Friday, Feb 9th 2018 at (See Below)

Program & Time TBA

3rd Shabbat
Friday, Feb 16th 2018 at 7:00 pm

7pm Welcoming Shabbat Meditational Yoga
Join us prior to Shabbat Services for TUJ’s gentle sitting/standing Yoga-Meditation for all. No Yoga background needed or level of physical fitness required.

725pm Brief Herbal-Organic Refreshment for All

735pm “Fireside” Shabbat Table Service
Led by Rabbi Ari Fridkis
It may be cold outside, but we’ll sit together cozily to sing Shabbat prayers and table songs as well as engaging Torah study
Plus . . . enjoy a nourishing Hot Nosh: Challah plus homemade Chicken-in-a-Pot, a turn-of-the-century Lower East Side Jewish delicacy of Chicken soup, chicken, noodles and vegetables. Followed by a great Dessert of Hot Coffee/Tea/Homemade Cocoa and
Donation of your spirit only (no monetary contribution): consider it “Shabbat Supper,” not Shabbat Dinner.”

1st Shabbat
Friday, Mar 2nd 2018 at 7:30 pm

Saturday, Mar 3rd 2018 at 7:30 pm

2nd Shabbat
Friday, Mar 9th 2018 at (See Below)

Program & Time TBA

3rd Shabbat
Friday, Mar 16th 2018 at 7:30 pm

TUJ 2nd Seder @Corner Cafe
Saturday, Mar 31st 2018 at 12:00 am

1st Shabbat
Friday, Apr 6th 2018 at 7:30 pm

2nd Shabbat
Friday, Apr 13th 2018 at (See Below)

Program & Time TBA

3rd Shabbat
Israel Independence Day

Friday, Apr 20th 2018 at 7:30 pm

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A Few Words about TUJ’s “Open Doors” & Membership

TUJ Membership
$575 per adult

Membership includes all High Holy Day services for Member & Children under 21). For further information, please visit our Membership page.


TUJ High Holy Days and our “Open Doors” Policy
Members and non-Members are always welcomeat TUJ via our “Open Door” policy and our TorahNYC Reform Outreach Program.

Because the High Holy Days incur a great expense to the congregation, all guests are asked to contribute the minimum amount per service.  Simply put, we need your help and donations to keep our doors open to all.

If you are not able to meet our Minimum Contributions (see below), please contact us (Reservations@TorahNYC.org) before the Holy Days.  Your request will be dealt with discreetly and kindly.  If necessary, you are welcome to discuss your needs discreetly with Annette or Kevin at the Registration Table.


TUJ High Holy Day Reservations &Minimum Contributions
Please help us plan enough seating by reserving a place for each Guest for each service.

Email us at Reservations@TorahNYC.org.

Please include each person’s name, telephone and email address.

26 Years or Over:
Minimum $45 – $125 per person per each High Holy Day Service.

Age 13 through 25:
Minimum $25 – $60 per person per each High Holy Day Service.

For Family Services only:
Minimum $30 – $125 per family per each Family Holy Day Service.
A Family is defined as Parent(s) -or- Other Adult(s) plus Children.

For furtherinformation, please visit our High Holy Day FAQ page.